Fresh off the Croft

Fresh Off The Croft

What is Fresh Off the Croft?

Fresh off the Croft is a market garden in the Isle of Tiree, based at the Coll View croft.

Is it organic?

In the strictest sense of the word, no. We are not certified organic. We are therefore not allowed to describe our veg as organic. But we do produce vegetables naturally. That means:

  • we never ever use pesticides, ever
  • we manage pests without chemicals, pellets or additives. Unless you count beer. We do use beer.
  • we make our own compost and fertilise with local seaweed and manure
  • any bought potting compost is peat-free

How do I get veg?

Go to

Anything for sale is added there, and you can message us. If you at at the Caolas end of the island, feel free to pop in. It is the house with the phonebox on the end.

I want to find out more about this

Check out the blog – for the latest activities!

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